Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trip to Sentosa Part 2 - Palawan Beach

There are few beaches on Sentosa but only a few are clean enough to have a picnic or to swim. This is a map to show you Palawan Beach (where I went) and Siloso Beach (another favourite beach).

The black circle on the bottom of the map is the monorail station that i mentioned yesterday. You can see it is quite near the beach and you can actually walk from the station to the beaches. Wear comfortable shoes or slippers.

On the extreme right of the map is Sentosa Cove, a private housing estate where there are condominiums and bungalows which comes with their own private berths for their boats. Sorry I dont have photos of the bungalows because i cant afford to buy one there and have no rich friends that stay

This is the play pool for little kids who are too young to swim in the open sea. It looked so fun and safe for the kids.

Away from the beach in the open sea, you can see the rows of cargo ships. They looked very near but are actually very far away. It used to have more ships but the recession had cut down many ships that pass through us. Cargo ships stop over here to refuel and replenish their food or repair their ships. They travelled from east to west and vice versa to deliver goods to the world.

You can see my other post which tells you more about the shipping route in here.

A favourite camping site at Palawan Beach.

Source of map taken from Sentosa website. (You can view the website to see the other attractions of Sentosa.)


Anya said...

Hi Alice
Coincidentally, I have today a post about the beach at Greece HEHE
It looks at you place again very different but beautiful :))
But the palm trees are the same everywhere LOL
Nice photos, but you always have.;)))
Have a nice day !!

Anya said...

Yes, I am completely crazy about Hello Kittie , that is not
age-related LOL

the donG said...

ill definitely camp there! even for the whole week just reading books.

oh so beautiful!

alicesg said...

Anya, cool, my niece has lots of hello kitties, if I ever go to her house, will take photos of

Dong, you will denitely like the beaches. My sons loves to go there and cycle and play beach volleyball.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely beaches! Thank you for showing, i have good memories of the beaches near Singapore!

Gennaro said...

Visited Sentosa a few years ago. Nice spot to relax and some comfortable beaches too.