Saturday, June 21, 2008

A trip up Mount Faber - Part 1(Sea View)

Mount Faber is not a mountain but rather is a hill measuring only 105 metres in height. It is a place where you could dine or just relax or take a stroll. Sorry there wont be any shopping malls up there. One can have a panaromic view of Singapore up above Mount Faber.
(The above photo had the view of the busy shipping port.)

There are many ways of going up Mount Faber. One way is driving up or taking a cab. A cheaper way is to take the public bus no. 409 at Harbour Front Bus Terminal for only $1 (one way trip). However the bus is only available during weekend. Or you could take the cable car from Harbour Front to Mount Faber and if you bought the return trip ticket, you could use it to go to Sentosa too or vice versa. For more information on the cable car, you could visit website. It is wiser to buy the return trip ticket instead of a one way ticket (it is just a difference of $1).

(The above photo shows the Harbour Front Cable Car Station, the cruise centre and Sentosa. The cruise centre will be relocated to Marina South in later years. Lots of construction on Sentosa.)

Another way is taking the stairs (opposite harbour front) to climb up to Mount Faber but it could be tiring. The latest trend was taking the bus 409 to Mount Faber and then walk down the hill via Henderson Waves Bridge (Singapore highest pedestrian bridge). You can see the photo of the beautiful bridge in here.

(The above photo shows some condominium and further away you might be able to see Indonesia on a fine day.)

More information and photos of Mount Faber could be seen in their official website.

I have more photos of Mount Faber in later post.


Jules said...

Hi Alice - glad you are feeling better!!!

I've been there and the view is certainly fanatstic!!

alicesg said...

Thanks Jules.

Lawstude said...

I remember to have taken a ride at a cable car when I was there. I think it was a trip to Sentosa.

Thanks for the view. It's great.

the donG said...

wow! nice view from there. i really enjoy cable car ride.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love the view. sure looks nice and green there

J.C. said...

Interesting Mount Faber. This will be another spot that I would like to check out the next time I visit Singapore. It has always been Orchard Road, Orchard Road and Orchard Road!

Hope you are back to your feet again, Alice! Take care!