Monday, June 2, 2008

Science in the Mall (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my earlier post on Science in the Mall.

There is an exhibit of a giant model of the Emperor Scorpion. Parents were eager to explain the details of the scorpion from the placard. I remembered I did that too when my sons were young whenever we visited any exhibition or the zoo. Parents are always very busy passing on knowledge to their

Closer front view of the emperor scorpion.

Side view of the emperor scorpion.

This is the nest of the Black Widow Spider

A exhibit of the spider (not a real spider)
I found that the science exhibits are great for kids and adults and a good place to take photos too.
Please do look at the background of the photos, you can see the many shops in the mall. Shopping is one of the pastime of Singaporeans.


zakscloset said...

AAAGHHH!!! those pictures of the scorpion and a spider are frightening!!!! great pictures though!

alexander said...

Where was this held? (Oh! from your previous article I guess it must be at Plaza Singapura)

I am still building spiders for my school work. Thanks for reminding about it. :P (Still have a bit of research to be done on that. :P)

Nice photos! I guess it would be really interesting. I would have been. :) Thanks for sharing.

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Jim said...

Pretty neat, but kinda creepy. LOL.

Lawstude said...

i am scared of scorpions and spiders so i have to pass on this one lols.

Jules said...

Wow - the kids in my school would love this!!! I am only peeking thru my fingers!!!

Squirrel said...

Great shots in the last post and this one. the mall is an interesting space.

science and bugs! I'd love to see this exhibit.

Gordon said...

I am glad scorpions and spiders are NOT that big. An interesting exhibition.