Sunday, June 1, 2008

Science in the Mall (Part1)

Something for the kids during the June holiday. Science in the mall is into the 11th year. The event, X-ploring Garden Crawlies, will allow participants to learn more about insects and other garden creatures. For more information, you can see the website here.

Kids will be taught how to make crawling spiders, make a caterpillar and much more.

The event will held in these malls.
X-ploring Garden Crawlies!
Date: 29 May - 11 June 2008
Time: 11am - 8pm daily
Venues: IMM, Junction 8, Plaza Singapura


Lawstude said...

if i had my way, i wanna be a scientist. i like einstein and galileo and darwin. too bad i am now in the field of law and accounting but i still enjoy science and still wonders at new reseaches.

alicesg said...

Cool Law. My youngest son is in accounting too, he will do a degree after he completed his national service. He will be called for enlistment next year.

evlahos said...

very interesting

quinttarantino said...

Seems to me it is a great thing bringing science to the mall.

Lara said...

interesting and good for their education! do you also celebrate children's day on 1st of June?

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the nice comments.

Lara, our children's day is on 1st October and Teacher's day is on 1st September.