Sunday, June 15, 2008

K Box - Karaoke

Today is Father's Day. Here wishing all dads around the world a very Happy Father's Day. Well my siblings and myself and our families celebrate father's day at K box singing karaoke. The teenagers suggested this outing to celebrate father's day for our husbands and my brother (their dads).

But I guess the teenagers (my nieces and sons are hogging the microphone instead of The next time only the adults will go K box, not fair we only sing a few songs...hahaha.

The karaoke package comes with meals. I have more photos of the food at K box, you can view them in my food blog. For more information on the prices, you can view their website.

This is all the mess we left after all the singing and eating and drinking.

We then had a sumptuous seafood dinner at a local restaurant. We enjoyed outselves so much and we looked forward to the next gathering.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Sounds a fun place to go... and if the young ones liked it... even better.

alexander said...

Wow! look like fun.
I almost missed out on father's day :P

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

Yes Tom, the youngsters enjoyed so much yesterday.

Alex, glad you make it in time to wish your dad, a happy father's day. :)

Squirrel said...

I could definitely go for some Karaoke and a dinner out in Singapore.
Did the dads do some duets? trio?

alicesg said...

Yes, we sang with our husbands some oldies

Lawstude said...

The food is just right for singing. Not too heavy. I bet you had a great time. Did you sing your heart out? What is your fave song?

Jules said...

What a fun time was had by all!!The family that sings together stays together!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, nothing like the joys of karaoke to put youngster in body and youngters in body and soul (that's us, Alice) together!

Jim said...

Looks like fun, I like to go to karaoke, but I dont sing.

alicesg said...

Law, some of the food are nice but some are like airline Will post them in my food blog once I sorted those photos. My favourite would be cantonese and Chinese songs from the late Teresa Teng Li Jun and I love those english sentimental songs too.
Jules, yes my siblings and our families are very close.
Quin, you are right, it is nice being young again. :)
Jim, I can only sing in the karaoke room not in public..hehehe.

Kitem said...

Happy father's day for the daddies of the house.
Saddly I am not familiar to karaoke lounge, I would love that but not hubby, I am envious of your singing day.