Monday, April 7, 2008

Singapore River

Singapore River has a very rich history. It used to be the river mouth for trade activities. Many bum boats will carry goods from bigger ships in the sea to this river. Here the coolies/workers (see earlier post) will carry the goods from the bum boats to the warehouse, etc.
The river used to be dirty and smelly cause of the congestion of boats but since the big clean up in 1977, the river is so much cleaner and not smelly anymore. It is a beautiful view to look with all the tall buildings beside the river. For more information of Singapore River, you can view them here.


quintarantino said...

Great photo.
I think cities that are bathed by rivers sometimes don´t know how lucky they are ... but I see it wasn´t the case here.
Well done.

alexander said...

Nice shot Alice, I was trying to work out where was this photo taken from. Was it Cavenagh bridge? The place has changed quite a bit. The last time when I was at this place, there was a construction going on towards the right; Empress Place Museum if I remember correctly. What is it now?

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alicesg said...

Yes, Alex, the shot was taken near Cavenagh Bridge (near to Fullerton Hotel). Empress Place Museum is now known as Asian Civilisations Museum. Although Singapore is small, there are many interesting places and corners that I have yet to

I was lucky to have a wide angle camera to capture the whole scenery. That was what my korean tour guide said about my inexpensive camera too.

I am still sorting out my travel photos, there was one place where only my camera, from the whole group, could capture the whole mountain scenery.

Lawstude said...

I agree, it is a beautiful view to llok at with all the tall buildings as backgrounds. Just lovely.

Jules said...

Great photo - most of the great cities of the world are built on water aren't they?

My post is water and transport too!!!

Pat said...

What a lovely photo! I really like "city scapes".


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alexander said...

Very interesting Alice. I bet you must have felt lucky. :)

Sorry for taking so long to response, I had a long and tiring week. Too much to do, too little time. :)

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alicesg said...

Alex, it is ok. It is good to be busy then not at all. :) Wish you all the best in your work.