Saturday, April 5, 2008

The day the parakeet decided to escape

These photos belong to my best friend, Diana and she is so nice to allowed me to put in my blog. Her son took these photos when he found a stray birdie in his study room. I think the photos make an interesting story to tell.

I think birds like to be free in the sky.

So this little parakeet (hope I am right about the species) decided to escape from its owner. Well done, birdie.

I guess birdie decided to check Diana's son's homework.

Here's looking at the photographer and posing for him.

Now to check Diana's son's calender for his daily activities listed there...hehehe

Thanks Diana for the photos, I enjoyed them very much.


Jules said...

Hello my friend - so glad you enjoyed your holiday in Korea!!

It is so good to be back and touch base with all my blogging friends again.

Great story - I am a bird lover too!!!! I have hand-raised a number of baby birds - gorgeous wee things!!

zakscloset said...

wow! he had such a wonderful little visitor! he is so beautiful that he almost looks like a painting!! nice capture!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Much nicer to see birds playing free, unless of course they are bred in captivitity and will not know how to survive on their own.
This is a little beaty.

Joy said...

It's hard to say if it's a parakeet or a budgie. Nonetheless it's a very cute bird! :D

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Mandy said...

This is a lovely little bird. Did they keep it or find the owner?

alicesg said...

The owner saw the bird flew to the balcony of my friend's apartment, so she came over to take him back.

Kitem said...

It's better for the bird to be back in his own little house, I don't think he would have survived in the wild.

Anonymous said...

Little lad just wanted a limited adventure ... beautiful colours.

J.C. said...

That's a cute bird! And human-friendly too!