Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bee and Flowers

This is the first time I managed to take a close up shot of a bee. It was the one and only shot of the bee sucking pollen from the
I was more afraid of the bee stinging me.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Alice
What a great capture for your first attempt.. but I'm sure you could get even closer.. bees will not just attack.. at first it would fly away to another flower.. just take your time.
All the best

alicesg said...

Thanks for your advice, Tom. I guess I was stung by a bee before that was why I am afraid. I guess you are right about the bee flying to another flower. I hope to do it again. :)

Jilly said...

You did well, Alice. I tried yesterday for the first time - so snap but I couldn't get close enough cos of a fence. beautiful colours in this photo.

I loved yesterday's temple door handle.

Jim said...

Great picture, the flower looks like the one on the right. You caught the bee great also, neat.

alexander said...

Very brave. A beautiful, colourful and sharp photo! Well done!

Alex's World! -

zakscloset said...

what a lovely picture!! love the colour. nice shot!

alicesg said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Yes, Jim the flower is the same as the one on the right but different colour, they are Gerbera flowers. I think I would replace that photo with my own

Kitem said...

oh, yes good idea, you replace the side photo with yours, yours is more beautiful, brightly colored, vivid, and alive with the bee.

Hyde DP said...

My problem when photographing bees [not that I do it regularly] is getting the focus right - but I've managed one or two that came out well.