Monday, March 31, 2008

Cavenagh Bridge

This bridge built in 1869 was originally known as the Edinburgh Bridge to commemorate the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The bridge was renamed in honour of Colonel Cavenagh, the last India-appointed Governor of Singapore. It was originally planed as a drawbridge. However, it was found upon completion to be suitable only as a fixed structure. It is now a pedestrain bridge.

It used to be accessible to people, rickshaws and ox carts but it was overloaded with the flourishing trade of Singapore and now the bridge is only accessible to pedestrians.


Lawstude said...

Hello Alice and welcome back. I have never been to Korea and would love to go there 'coz I have few Korean friends here in the Philippines (Koreans are everywhere). Thanks for sharing your journeys. Have a nice day!

quintarantino said...

Drawbridges are great engineer works.
Guess this one is no exception.

Hyde DP said...

I can imagine it getting pretty crowded - I've been on a Singapore trishaw! Am glad to report my broadband speed has returned at last.

zakscloset said...

ox carts!? never seen them before!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Great bridge, great history and a great post

Dave said...

A little bit of history is always an interesting thing to talk about. Thank you! :-)