Monday, March 3, 2008

Plane partially hidden in sky

Recently, we had this air show in Singapore in the east of Singapore. So there were many planes flying above us.

I managed to snap and zoom on this huge plane flying above me.
I did not realised I captured this photoshot of the plane hidden partially in my photo till I looked through the photos in my computer. I think it is cute. The front part of the plane was hidden in the clouds.


Squirrel said...

What a nice find--I have found lots of things in photos after putting them into my computer, (mostly people/things in shadows) but never an airplane. That was lucky!

Hyde DP said...

an example of serendipity when we only discover later that we've captured not what we expected but something better.

Old Wom Tigley said...

As we are on the flight path for Manchester Airport I see all kinds of planes coming in to land and then taking off. I have always seen these yet I still look up and watch them now. My favorites was Concord.. we would here the roar and watch as it came over... I was lucky enough to see it taking off once, the big engines turned blue flames into speed for the take off.. a truely great sight.

quinntarantino said...

Two lovely photos and a nice story behind the second one.

Dave said...

I have always loved air shows. I never had a long enough lens and therefore my photos were never good enough. Just being there was the experience I really enjoyed.

Joy said...

You're so lucky to have been able to watch an air show! Good shot.

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