Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scary Cloud

The weather seems to be changing everyday. Been raining heavily end of last year and we finally see nice weather in February and now it is raining heavily again.

This scary dark cloud was taken last week at around 7 pm. It was going to rain but the sky looked so gloomy and dark and scary and when it finally rain it was scary with the sound of the strong wind especially so when I stay in a highrise apartment.


Jules said...

Yikes - good night to be home in bed with a book Alice!!!

It is very dry here at the moment but the good thing is the volcano is quiet!!!!

quintarantino said...

Alice don't despair ... sun will soon arrive there too.
Scary and spooky that cloud.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Wehave had much the same at nights. heavy rain and gusting winds.. they have now settled down to mild weather but very cold nights.

Jilly said...

Hopefully the sun arrived. That's a scary sky, I agree.

alicesg said...

Yes, feeling miserable especially getting caught in the heavy rain yesterday. When I squeeze part of my clothes, there were water dripping from was how heavy the downpour was even when I was holding an umbrella.

Gordon said...

It is no fun getting caught in heavy rain.

We are having weather extremes here too - in the middle of a heat wave in March! It has been in the high 30's this week. It is forecast to continue well into next week too.