Thursday, August 21, 2014

Singapore Sports Hub - Swimming Pool, Library and Playground

There's also an Aquatic Centre at the Singapore Sports Hub. Aquatic Center is ideal for both community use and elite athlete trainings. As a 3,000 seat world class training facility, it is the perfect location to host a variety of community, regional and international competitions.

The Splash-N-Surf is a facility where people of all ages will be able to enjoy a variety of recreational water activities. It was not opened yet. You can find more information from the website.

Focusing on sports and active recreation, the library will be opened to the general public to encourage the general population to embrace sports as a healthy lifestyle.

Other facilities available in the library will include video viewing stations, virtual sports stations, giant chess and checkers, internet stations, meeting rooms, and kids zone.


Oman said...

it is always essential to feed the mind and nourish the body at the same time. Singapore is doing great job at these aspects :)

Alexander said...

Interesting coverage of the sport's hub. I have not been there yet. Wonder what types of books do they have in the library.

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