Monday, August 11, 2014

Singapore Flower

Singapore will be turning 50 years old next year. So there's this project to get everyone to help make the singapore flowers from recycled bags for next year Chingay in celebrating Singapore turning 50.

Chingay is a National Event is also the largest street performance and float parade in Asia. From the main parade site to the heartlands, this street extravaganza epitomises the dynamism of Singapore's vibrant and multicultural society. The word Chingay is equivalent to the Mandarin zhuang yi (妆艺), which means "the art of costume and masquerade" in the Hokkien dialect.

You can read more from its official website.

To learn how to make the Singapore Flowers from recycled bags, you can view from the You Tube Video.

Yesterday, we were at my brother's house trying to make the flowers, look easy but is not easy at first try hahaha. Need lots of patience.

The flowers were all made by my eldest sister.


Oman said...

Congratulations Singapore. Hope to visit you again for the 3rd time next year :)

alicesg said...

Oh thank you so much.