Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chinatown - Mid Autumn Festival Decorations 2014

Mid Autum Festival Decorations in Chinatown during the day. I prefer to view them at night cause the wires/cables holding the decorations looked ugly during the day, at night only the lighted flowers could be seen.

Browsing and shopping in Chinatown during this festival is really fun. Love viewing the beautiful lanterns.

Those in plastic are usually lighted with a bulb and batteries while those see through (made of cellophane paper) are lighted by candles and of course they are easily burned if not handled carefully.

Backpacks comes in shapes of animal heads, so cute.

Luggages with millions characters, they seem popular.

Fridge magnet in shapes of fruits, oh i love the rambutan magnets.

Candy popular in china also can be seen in chinatown.

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Alexander said...

Those flowers are pretty! They made Chinatown even more prettier.

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