Monday, August 25, 2014

Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Street Light Up for 2014

Last night, we went to Chinatown to watch the street light up for this year mid autumn festival.

The road were closed for the night event. The decorations and lights will be from Aug 24 until Sep 28

Everyone were so excited once the VIPs switched on the lights for the decorations.

Visitors to Chinatown will be able to see streets in full bloom, lit by 3,100 flower-shaped lanterns for the first time.

Some short videos on the event for the day.

Countdown to switching on the street light for Chinatown Mooncake Festival 2014

Dragon Dance on the stage and road - sorry for the shaky video cause I was too far from the stage, trying to zoom on the dragons.

Dragon Dance and fireworks

Got to use my handphone to continue the video of fireworks cause memory card full in my digital camera.

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