Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 - Reunion Dinner

Last night, being the eve of Chinese New Year, the family have to gather together to have reunion dinner to celebrate the new year of the Chinese Calender.

Decorate the dinnerware with DBS Bank's ang pow with female ang pow (red packet) for myself and the male ang pow for the three guys in the house. The ang pows looked lovely as decoration.

We had steamboat dinner. Steamboat is not really a boat is actually like a hot pot, over here we refer the hot pot as steamboat.

The photo looked strange hahaha, the plate nearer to me looked bigger than the rest of the plate and the plate even looked bigger than the steam boat. The ingredients for the steamboat are instant noodle, glass noodle, raw eggs, wongbok vegetables, prawns, assorted yong tau fu, meat balls, cocktail sausages,button mushroom, bacon, prawns,cuttlefish ball,quail eggs, salmon fish, cod fish,pig's liver. Fried some chicken wings too.

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