Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 Street Light-Up Ceremony Part 1

Last weekend, I was at Chinatown to view the Street Light Up Official Opening for Chinese New Year 2014.

Chinatown was jam packed with so many people and I could not view the stage cause most gathered around the stage area to watch the performance.

It was better to be further from the stage where the crowd is thinner.

This year the decorations were very beautiful as compared to previous years. The many mascost of the horses were a welcoming sight to welcome the Year of the horse.

I took several photos and decided to head for dinner instead of waiting for the ceremony to start.

After dinner, I went back in time to witness the switching on of the street lights. It was so beautiful indeed.

Short video of the switching on of the lights - the lights come out somewhere in the middle of the video.

After watching the switching on of the steets lights, am not sure when the fireworks would start, so we went shopping at the Bazaar and around 9 pm we made our way back to the main road to try to catch the fireworks. We will so lucky that in less than a minute the firecrackers started as we were there, did not waste any time waiting lol. Following the firecrackers, the fireworks started so sudden and I have no time to adjust my camera so it explained the poor video of the fireworks. The auto focus was confusing with the motion of the fireworks as the fireworks were fired from the pedestrian bridge just above us. It seem so close to us as if the fireworks would fall on us, a beautiful sight and the mood of Chinese New Year was there. So sorry for the blur video.

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