Monday, January 13, 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 Street Light-Up Ceremony - Part 2

Every Chinese New Year, these dried goods are a must and favourite with all chinese, from chinese sausages, waxed ducks, pig's feet, etc.

These waxed pig's feet were made months before chinese new year and can kept for a long time.

They were so tough that the stall holder need a saw to cut them.

Red Raddish plant for sale, they are popular during Chinese New Year cause the radish is known as 菜头 in mandarin which proniciation sounds like (好)彩头 which means "good luck".

I think this is lily bulb (correct me if I am wrong)

Lucky bamboo for sale, it curved at the top.

Free sample of mochi

Saw this stall selling these cardboard crafts, hubby interested in the war ship.

If you have been to Macau, you will be familar with this famous Kok Kei Pastry Shop, they now have a branch in Singapore Chinatown. No need to travel to Macau to get these pastry anymore lol.

Handmade pineapple tarts spotted at one of the stalls.

This stall is popular but I think it helps to have on site a handy man to show the arts of making the shoes.

Cheong Sum or Qipao for sale - looked so pretty and inexpensive

Lanterns made from chinese new year red packets or ang pow.

If you are interested to learn how to make lanterns using the chinese new year red packets you can view the tutorial from You Tube. But needs lot of patience

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