Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 - God of Fortune

Time passes real fast, Chinese New Year is round the corner. This year is extreme early, will be 31st January 2014. As usual we need to spring clean our home to welcome guests during Chinese New Year.

I have loads of things to do and not yet completed my shopping too. Not even started to get new clothes and shoes for the festival.

Spotted this God of Fortune Mascot at NTUC Supermarket. He is the most popular during Chinese New Year, he is none other than the God of Fortune. His right hand holding the gold ingot and many will touch the gold ingot for luck and hoping God of Fortune will visit their homes.


Alexander said...

Nice to see that. CNY is earlier this year isn't it? Oh and the 4 digits on his belt: I always wonder how they came out with the 4 digits?

Have a wonderful weekend.

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alicesg said...

I prefer CNY to be in February, January is too close to christmas. Hahaha not sure how's they generate the 4D. I dont bet on 4D but will buy the toto if the jackpot prize is huge :)