Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My World Tuesday - Nex

Saw this huge polar bear trying to climb through the wall. The bear was not part of a poster or painting, the bear was jutting out of the wall. Very creative idea on the advertising part.

The advertisement is for Planet Earth. The advertisment is located at the North East Line of the MRT in Singapore.

From the NEL Serangoon Station, you can enter NEX shopping mall which is at Basement 1. The entrance from the MRT Station to NEX just open recently.

From Circle Line MRT Station of Serangoon, you can also access to NEX Shopping Mall which is at basement 2.

For more photos of NEX Shopping Mall, you can view from my other posts.
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Ann said...

can't remember if it was in NZ or Singapore, there was a cartoon, when the pandas visited. There was long queue at the pandas enclosure, nobodywent to see the polars. They had pondas painting themslef like a panda and trying to get into the panda's enclosure. Just like your photo.

Do you remember?

alicesg said...

Ann, I have no idea about that.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. The bear jutting out of the wall is very nicely done.

Indrani said...

Good adv. pic for planet earth.

Trotter said...

Wow! Your blog looks huge in my monitor!! Great!!

Waiting for you in Amsterdam Noord... ;)