Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clementi Town

Wow these two blocks of 40 storey HDB flats just above the clementi mall. They looked so impressive and beautiful. Very convenient place to stay cause it is near the MRT station with good amentities surrounding it. I bet it must be very expensive.

Nice to spend a day just looking at the town centre seeing people shopping, working, doing their own stuff or just taking a stroll just like me.

Many choices of food in the Clementi Hawker Centre.

This is an old mall just next to the new Clementi Mall.

Very interesting sculpture infront of the Clementi Mall.

Wondering why so many people queuing infront of the shop?

Cheap hair cut at only few dollars. Wow if I just stay around here and just want to trim my hair, worth coming here. Few shops offering only few dollars hair cut. I saw one shop offering only $4.90 for a hair cut. Never had such cheap hair cut before.

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dong ho said...

ass long as it is near a hawker centre... itll be a good option. i just dont want my room above 40th level