Friday, September 3, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Bugis Junction

As mentioned, Bugis Junction was converted from old shophouses. A glass roof was added to connect the shophouses and the best thing was whenever it rained, shoppers wont get wet walking around the streets. The streets are now tiled beautifully. You wont noticed that it was once a street.

Part of the Intercontinental was converted from shophouses too. The taller building of the hotel was added.
Looking at the sky through the glass roof.

My grandparents used to stay in these old shophouses in another district. They too had similar windows like the above photo of the old shophouses.

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dong ho said...

i like your take of the ceiling.

Photo Cache said...

I wish I had seen this. WEll, I wish I can be lucky enough to return to S'pore and see this.

Happy weekend.

Indrani said...

Love your POV in these shots, great take on the meme. :)