Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration at the Resort

Besides relaxing and having fun at the resort, we also celebrated my youngest son's 21st birthday.

He had two cakes for two different nights. One night is for family and friends and the other night solely for family.

My son loves football so his friend bought a cake with footballers on top of them.

My eldest son planned the whole birthday for him. The theme of the birthday is Superheroes and Supervillians. Guests are supposed to dress up as their favourite heroes or villians.

Hahaha, the above is my niece.

Sushi for the buffet

The food on the red table cloth are for non muslims guests while the further corner of another buffet on white table cloth is for the muslim friends. The food that night were so yummy and good.
Everyone especially the birthday boy enjoyed the party.

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Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! The theme would be fun, and it's a great idea. The food looks yummy too.