Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monitor lizard at Resort

I was relaxing and having fun at the National Service Resort and Country Club. Hubby and me had a shock when we saw something moving in the car park. From far, I thought it was a small alligator...hahaha

But it was a monitor lizard that was so fat and about 3 feet long. It came out of a drain hole from the side of the kerb. I was too afraid to go near to take a good shot of it. Not sure if it would attack me.

But I guess the monitor lizard was more fraid of human than we were of it. It quickly slittered back into the drain hole by the side of the kerb.

It's tail (circled in red) can still be seen at the side of the kerb. Wondered what other animals, like snakes, python, etc can emerged from the hole since the monitor lizard could squeeze itself out of the small hole.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Oh my gosh I am with you here girl, I would not have gotten any closer either. Too scary for sure.

3 feet long and came out of a drain hole. Can you imagine walking down the sidewalk and seeing him come up? I would have a heart attack trying to run away so fast.

Beautiful shots my friend. Great share today. I hope you and hubby were still able to enjoy your stay at the resort.

Many hugs, Sherry

Lawstude said...

a wild lizard in the city. wow, it doesn't happen everyday :)