Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grieving for my online best friend

I am so sad and grieving for my best friend that I met online. She passed away peacefully on 5th September 2010.
It is so strange that we never met but we can established a friendship so strong online.

We chatted daily online and only recently she is too tired to chat online daily. It is although CC is living next door to me. We shared many nice memories and secrets and she loved to make me laugh with her funny jokes. She is my inspiration and taught me many things about sewing and stories about vintage books of sewing, crochet, etc.

I designed and made an agar agar with a cat's pattern specially for my best friend online, CC of Texas. I called it Happy Katt Agar Agar, my friend, CC loved it so much. It is not easy doing the agar agar cause of so many patterns involved.

In return, CC designed an Oriental SueSunbonnet for me. She even wrote some very nice words for me.

Quoting this from CC's Blog .

Allow me to introduce Sue in one of her favorite outfits.
You see, Sue has a wonderful friend and her name is Alice. She lives in Singapore and she invited her little country cousins to come visit her beautiful country. Well, only Sue could go.
Alice met her at the airport, (the big beautiful one that Alice blogs about)..and off they went. Alice had told Sue so much about her country and Sue couldn't wait to see all the beautiful sights.
Well!! Sue, being from the country..was so amazed and astonished, she was almost speechless..almost!! :). Alice took her everywhere..all over and Sue was able to see so many lovely things..and the food. The food was the best Sue had ever, ever tasted. You see, Sue's favorite food is Chinese. And so,the adventure went to food and shopping, shopping and eating..there were so many tasty tidbits and so many beautiful shops...little Sue was overwhelmed.
The last night there, there was a huge parade and get together..Sue was dancing around and suddenly noticed, she had lost her shoes..and just then Alice took her picture. But it's okay...Sue was in a beautiful dress, with her gold basket to hold some of the shopping.
Finally, it was time to go back to the farm..Sue thanked Alice and her lovely family for such a wonderous time,and invited them to come visit the farm.

By CC of Lacenribbonroses


I will miss you so much CC. May you rest in peace but your works and memories live forever in bloggerland.


Rajesh said...

Beautiful tribute to your friend. Let her soul rest in peace.

Trotter said...

Hi Alice! I’m back!! One week off, one week to deal with the mess created by the absence, a birthday almost no one noticed and a weekend to rest a little bit...

Lovely tribute!!

Lawstude said...

so heart-breaking but rest in the consolation that another blogger has turned into an angel.

Indrani said...

That is so sad.
A beautiful tribute.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

May CC rest in peace.

Ann said...

what did she die of? Hope she didn't suffer too much.

alicesg said...

Ann, Thanks for asking. She has been in and out of hospital for multiple illness. I dont want to go into details. Thank you.