Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My World Tuesday - Recreation

Singapore is known as a food and shopping paradise but besides shopping and eating, we do know how to relax...lol.

What kind of recreation do you like?

The kids and those who love swimming have these beautiful pools to be pampered in.

The bigger kids and adults simply love bowling. It is one of my favourite too. Hubby is good at it.

But most of all, I love to just relax in this swing in the resort.

During holidays, the whole family would rent these bungalows (behind the swing) to just relax and be away from the city.

You can view my previous post on how the bungalow looked like inside in here.
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Photo Cache said...

good place to hide away and just relax. would you believe it if i say i haven't bowled before, not once.


J Bar said...

Quite interesting.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

M.Kate said...

I;d like the swing in my garden..and am waiting for the opening of the Universal studios :P

Anya said...

My choice is relax in the resort:)
I hate bowling .... LOL
And swimming is also great :))))

magiceye said...

love this part of the world!

LadyFi said...

Swimming and swinging - great ways to relax!

chrome3d said...

It´s been a while since I went bowling, so I might do that. Thanks for inspiration!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Singapore has so many places for visitors to enjoy. great tourist destination!

Alexander said...

Wow! That's looks like a great holiday resort.

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Erin said...

looks like a great resort for the family. and i would probably enjoy lounging in the swing with a good book myself.

have a wonderful week.

Tom said...

I'd sit on that swing bench and relax... it looks a perfect place to rest

Lara said...

looks great!

the donG said...

i enjoy bowling and of course swimming. so i think ill really like this place.