Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hort Park - Pledge to Go Green

I am back to blogging but need time to retun back to my normal blogging and blog Will be very busy these two months with so many programmes and celebrations going on.

Visited the Hort Park during the weekend for the Clean and Green Singapore 2010. It is so much fun and I took the green pledge today towards a cleaner and greener Singapore.

We had our little thumbs painted with either green or yellow to take the pledge and the patterns of our thumbprints looked like a tree.

I took a short video of this lady who also took the pledge.
It is so educating and fun and I have lots of photos coming up and my favourite are the flowers that I saw in Hort Park and having fun with my little niece. I am so glad she share my interests in taking photos of flowers.


Anya said...

I am HAPPY you are back Alice :)
And with a fantastic post !!

the donG said...

im pledging to go green too! whoa! go nature!

Ann said...

You were missed, Alice.

Hope you are well rested and back into posting us lots of beautiful photos.