Sunday, August 10, 2008

National Day 2008

Yesterday was our National Day, Singapore 43rd Birthday. I took some photos off the TV to show my friends our culture and how we celebrate National Day. I could not get the tickets to the live parade nor do I want to stand by the roadside to watch cause it would be very crowded. So I have to be contended with the television.

The above photo shows the chinook carrying the National flag as the nation sings the National Anthem.

From my window, I could view the chinook carrying the flag far off from where I stay. This is the best I could zoom on the chinnok.

Pictures taken off television.

We are a multi racial country, we have the Indian Dance.

This year the Chinese Dance comprise of some teochew operas.

This is the Malay Dance.
There are more perforamnce and fireworks after all these dances but I did not snap them.


Kitem said...

So you have seen two beautiful ceremonies in a row, the Olympics, then your National Day, both succesfull shows.
Aliceg, you got 2 awards you truly deserve.

alicesg said...

Oh two awards at one go. Thank Kitem. Yes I saw the two ceremonies. The olympics opening ceremony was so beautiful and their costumes are so lovely. I love our national day parade too especially the planes and the fireworks.

alexander said...

Sorry for not blogging for a very long time. I was held back by a project. I've miss out on national day for the past 3 years now, thanks for sharing it.

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

Welcome back to bloggerland. You are a real busy man. :) Good to be busy then nothing to do.

Keropok Man said...

Hi Alice,

Ballot again next year, maybe you will get it :-)

I wonder how big that flag is. It can be seen so far away!

Jim said...

Thats a lot of people. I hope you and your family enjoyed the day singing and eating. No karaokie for me though.