Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kreta Ayer Wet Market - Part 4 (Chicken Stall)

Still at Kreta Ayer Wet my trip is to the chicken stall.

At the wet market, we could buy the whole chicken or just other parts of the chickens. These are not frozen chicken but fresh chicken. The black chicken you saw in the chiller are used for herbal soup. Traditional Chinese soup made with Silkie also uses ingredients such as Dang Gui or tang kwei, wolfberries, etc.

From the wikipedia source, the black chicken is known as the Silkie. You can learn more about it from here.

The chickens and ducks are first slaughtered in the slaughtered house and then distributed to the different stalls in the market all over Singapore. The chickens are to be kept in chillers for hygenic purposes and prevent food poisioning. Customers can see them through the glass window of the chillers and choose their chickens by pointing them out to the stall vendor.

The same way of storing in chillers goes for pork, beef and muttons too.

Tomorrow will be a very exiciting post which would show some exotic animals. This is the only wet market that sell these animals.


Jules said...

So love the markets - photographers paradise aren't they. this one is very interesting.

I do love dreadlocks - they are quite popular here in PNG too. I think you need a really interesting face to carry them off though.

Thanks for your kind message on my blog. The accident was horrific with a family devastated - their Mum killed, and her 2 teenage boys critically injured. The only saving grace - the youngest child got out with only scratches. Life is short so we must make the most of it everyday!!!

alicesg said...

Yes, this is the place for photographers. Very interesting place. I saw you sad message in your blog. Am so sorry and sad for the loss of life. Thank goodness the youngest child is alright.

Zoe said...

Hey, alice
I've tried the black herbal chicken once, yummy!!

and ..I'm looking forward to tommorrow's animal:)

the donG said...

how much time do you spend in the market?

alicesg said...

Yes Zoe, I ate the black chicken tonic herbal soup during my one month confinement i.e. after the birth of my children. The best soup I ever took. :)

Dong, I dont go to the Kreta Ayer Market often cause I dont stay near there. But I did my weekly marketing at a wet market near me. I spend about less than one hour at wet market but would spend longer at Kreta Ayer cause of the food centre above the wet market. :)