Sunday, August 17, 2008

Senior Citizen Care Centre

This building may looked like a condominium with nice balconies. But it can be quite sad to be living there.

This is a private senior citizen care centre. It is a home for old people who are unable to take care of themselves.
Some are placed there because their kids are too busy working and there is noone at home to take care of them.
It dont comes cheap and can costs more than S$1500 and above per month.


Lawstude said...

What i like about Filipino culture is the extended family. The young took care of the old ones until they die.

But sadly, there are old ones who do not have family and center similar to your pic is also available in my country.

have a nice day alice.

Lara said...

sad, and expensive!

Gordon said...

Cultures are certainly different; here it is very common for older people to be in aged care facilities. My mother is in one, but I visit her regularly and take her out quite a lot.

alicesg said...

I guessed it differed in different country and how you looked at it. Our family are getting smaller. My grandmother had 12 children, my mother had 5 children and my siblings and myself had an average of 2 kids each. So when family gets smaller, there is noone to take care of the aged. I wondered how many kids my sons would have. We are not producing enough to replace ourselves. Is it the same in your country?

Squirrel said...

Alice it is just the same in my family. My two grandmothers had 17 and 12 children, my mother had 6, and my siblings and I average out to having 2.5 each. Big families seem to be in the past.

alicesg said...

Squirrel, I guess I need a post to encourage people to have more kids before the population is being wiped

J.C. said...

The exterior seem like a luxury place for the senior citizens. To be able to afford this place, the family must be financially ok.

It's sad to learn that some elderly citizens have to stay in a day care centre becoz their family members can't take care of them.