Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Have you ever watch 2 movies in one day? I did...lol. I watch Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. The movie was great and I enjoyed it. But my eldest son think it was boring and he fall asleep but he enjoyed the other movie Journey to the center of the earth. The other movie is great too but I prefer The Mummy.

The cinema at Golden Village Marina was comfortable, the chairs are so cozy. (Photo taken with cellphone.)

The morning show was quite empty at 10.20 am but the afternoon show was almost full. I guess most do not want to wake up too early to watch a movie. Well, my sisters and me prefer the morning show so that we can have lunch and shop in the afternoon. :)
(Photo taken with cellphone)

I took this trailer in the cinema. I was testing if my cell phone could take pictures without flash.


Lara said...

two in the same day? oh, bravo! I cannot do that :), too boring.

Lawstude said...

I have never done that in theaters but i remembered to have a weekend dvd marathon at home where i watched the entire 2 seasons of prison break and another season of the apprentice.

quite straining in the eye if you ask me.

have a nice week ahead alice. i will surely watch mummy 3.

the donG said...

yes we did. in fact we watched three different movies straight. on watching the same movie on the same cinema, i usually do that when i really really like the movie.

alicesg said...

This is the first time, I watch two movies on a single day. We watch the morning show at 10.20 am then after the show, we went for our lunch and then continue for the 2nd show at 2.20 pm. Was quite fun when we went in a group but was quite tiring...lol.

Yes Dong, I too watch my favourite show twice if I like it but not on the same day. :)

Jim said...

Oh the drive-in movies here were always double features, it was always fun.

dennis said...

Dennis would love to nap in that theatre it looks super comfortable!!

alicesg said...

Jim, we dont have drive in movies anymore over here. I remembered having fun as a child when mom drove to the drive in movies and we usually attack the cafe there...lol

Dennis, you have company in my eldest son, he slept during the first show cause the chair was so cozy...lol.

J.C. said...

I have never done a marathon movie trip too!! Think I would be too restless to sit through 2 movies! But with series like Grey's Anatomy and Sex & The Cities, and of course Korean drama series...hee..hee..I could sit through them the whole day!

Gordon said...

One is enough for me. Like Jim; we used to have two movies at the drive-ins; but I was younger then so I could stay awake that long! LOL