Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My World Tuesday - Big Box Mall at Jurong East

Took this photo of Big Box Mall from the food court of opposite building (JEMS Shopping Mall). Jurong East Residents were spoilt with four big shopping malls (J Cube,JEMS,Westgate and Big Box) in the heartland.

The mall was linked to JEMS shopping mall via a bridge for easy access.

The new megastore in Jurong East features lifestyle products and services from groceries to furniture. It is a eight storey building with three storey of retail space with lots of space. Inside the mall, the ceiling were not done fancifully and kept very bare, making the whole place look very spacious. The best thing of this mall is that they have lots of seats (and yes, swinging seats) for tired shoppers.

Like this place a lot cause there were many cute decorations for the home and they were not expensive.

They dont have any restaurants in this mall but few food courts that sold food at reasonable prices.

At the basement, they have a hypermart with huge shelves with cartons of groceries, wow really tired me just shopping in this mall.

They even have counters selling food street like sausages, fried chicken wings, fish balls, etc.

Will visit this mall again cause even though there were a lot of shoppers, I dont find myself caught in human traffic with the vast space in here.

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

The idea of swinging seats might get me to go to a mall like this. One, maybe two, big stores is all I can handle these days.

Rajesh said...

This sure looks to be a great mall.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice mall.