Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My World Tuesday - Singapore River Taxi

This is the second time I am taking the Singapore River Taxi. The first time I took was only a short boat ride via Route 1 (see my earlier post).

This time, I took the Singapore River Taxi from Bayfront at Marina Bay Sands to Kim Seng. I need to change boats cause there's no direct service from Bayfront to Kim Seng. So I need to take the Route 2 and change at Clifford Pier and continue with Route 1.

My ticket cost me $7 for two routes ($4 for route 2 and $3 for route 1).

Payment for the River Taxi is exclusively by EZ Link Card (the smart card that we used for paying for fares on MRT trains and buses.) The EZ link card card can be purchased from MRT Stations and transit link office in most bus interchanges.

If pay in cash, the fare will be more than double the fare if using EZ link card if I am not wrong.

Can only use one EZ link Card per person per ticket and cannot be shared, so everyone need individual EZ link card to purchase individual ticket, and there's no top up facilities at these Singapore River Taxi's Kiosk, so best top up your EZ link card at MRT Stations or Bus Interchanges first before proceeding to purchase the Singapore River Taxi's tickets.

From the photo above, we took the river taxi from Bayfront Station (Route 2 in red) and travelled to Clifford Pier Station(about less than 10 mins ride) - $4 and changed boat at this station and proceed from Clifford Pier Station to Kim Seng Station (Route 1 in purple) - $3(about 20 to 30 mins), so total fare is $7 per person and there's 4 of us so total fare is $28 if we would to take the normal road taxi will definitely cost less than $20 but we wanted to have the boat experience and love the sea breeze while in the boat and the scenery along the river is superb.

If you do not want to take both Route 2 and Route 1, can take the Route 1, the longer route (see circled in above photo)and the fare is only $3.

The below photo is Clifford Pier (built in 1933, Clifford Pier used to be a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers.) Can read more about Clifford Pier from Wikipedia.

As the river taxi cruised, can view the Singapore Tourism Mascot, The Merlion.

Nice scenery and cool breeze, as we cruised along the Singapore River, really fun, a must try for tourist and Singaporean. Really, most Singaporeans did not know about this service (from the feedback I got from my relatives and friends hahaha), now after seeing my photos, my friends are all going to try the Singapore River Taxi based on my recommendations.

This Colourful bridge is known as The Alkaff Bridge, was painted in January 2004 in vibrant colours by Filipino artist Pacita Abad (1946–2004) and a team of rope specialists. The artist and her crew of helpers used 55 different colours and more than 900 litres of industrial-strength paint to transform the bridge into Singapore's first "Bridge of Art".

Finally we arrived our destination at Kim Seng, there's one last station after Kim Seng called Jiak Kim where Great World City Shopping Mall is, I think we alight one station too early hahaha.

A short video of the river taxi.

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Fun60 said...

That's a great way to view Singapore. Did you pass some bronze sculptures of boys jumping into the river?

alicesg said...

Yes, I did. Saw some other scupltures along the river too. :) I had a post on all the sculptures along the river too.


miss-red-fox said...

It looks so nice there! I'd like to see Singapore one day...

eileeninmd said...

The water taxi looks like a fun way to sightsee.. Great shots, thanks for sharing your visit..

GreenComotion said...

I would love to visit Singapore someday.
The photos are very nice and everything looks so clean - I know Singapore it known for its cleanliness!

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Alexander said...

That's for the tip especially for the fare. I have always wanted to try that. :)

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