Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chinatown Singapore Street Light Up on 31st January 2015 (Saturday)

Time passes real fast, Chinese New Year is approaching real soon. Last Saturday, there's a ceremony for the street light up at Chinatown Singapore.

It was so crowded that I cant watch the performance but managed to catch the fireworks at the finale of the ceremony.

There will be another round of fireworks and firecrackers along with performance on the eve of Chinese New Year but I wont be there cause it will be super crowded.

This year it will be the year of the Ram/Goat. The display of the goats were placed too low unlike last year where the horses were hung up real high. Very bad position, too low for photographers.

Video of fireworks at the finale of the ceremony.

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Rajesh said...

Very nice street shots in the night.

ladyfi said...

Nice decorations!

Fun60 said...

What a shame the streets are so crowded that you can't get as close as you would like. Your photos give us a good feel for the forthcoming festivities.