Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peranakan Museum

Finally my last post on Peranakan Museum. Hopefully I will be visiting the museum again.

Little teapot with designs. Seems like dragon and phoenix are favourite in the designs of these wares. Dragons and phoenix are often associated with good luck. My wedding kwa (chinese custom wedding dress) also have the dragons and phoenix. You can view my post on my chinese wedding dress.

Tiffin Carrier - two or three tier carriers - a good way to buy food in these to reduce dependency on plastic bags. I will use small pot to buy hot food in small coffee shops(place where the owner sells coffee and drinks but there are other stallholders selling cooked food in the coffee shop) but if I go to a busy food court, they are not happy to use your They are too busy to open up the pot or tiffin carrier, etc. Using your own pot to buy hot food is better than using their plastic container. Cause it is harmful to do that, the heat from the food will cause the plastic to release harmful chemicals.

I wonder if the designs in the pot will disappear if we put hot soup or food into it.

Sorry for the blur photo. These containers were used to keep unlit joss sticks. They were usually placed on or near the altar table for easy access of the joss sticks instead of keeping them in plastic bags.


Tina said...

Thats a beautiful china! :)

Lawstude said...

i would definitely be a converstion piece while sipping that good old tea.