Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Green Corridor - Tracks

Saw some writtings on the wall near the bridge at Rail Mall.

Railway sleepers made of wood - some are giving way due to wear and tear.

Closer look at the joints.

The bridge where the train once runs. I guess all these will be dismantle. Cannot imagine how close the train was to the apartments. Wonder how these folks can live with the noise made by the train but surely now they might miss the train going by.

A look of the road from the bridge where the trains runs. Yes, some parts of the railway tracks is very near the road cause the railway runs from Malaysia to Tanjong Pagar right in the middle of the city. It is kind of relief that an agreement was reached and convinced KTM to move the station to the very north of Singapore and nearer to Johor Bahru so now good use can be made on the lands that the trains once run.

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Pat said...

From post: Closer look at the joints.

Nice photos of the fasteners & timber sleepers. The sleepers used for the tracks nearer to Tg Pagar are made of concrete. The latter don't quite evoke the same kind of rustic romance as timber ones.

For info, the fastener (ie. the metal insert in the joint) is called known as a Pandrol e clip -- see the specs here. If you take the clip out, flip it over & turn it 180 deg, it looks exactly like an "e" -- sample pic here.