Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A walk along Balestier Road - Water Kiosk

This water kiosk at the corner of Boon Teck Road off Balestier Road has a long history. There used to be a few water kiosks like these but seems like this is the only one remains. This service is provided by Thong Teck Sian Tong Lian Sia Temple for many decades since decades ago. It used to provide the water for workers etc but simply anyone who is thirsty can drink from this kiosk even till now.

If you happen to be there, you can refill your water bottle with the clean water from the kiosk.

Every morning the temple caretakers will refill the containers with clean water.


alicesg said...

The location of the water kiosk is one street diagonally opposite the Balestier Market.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Think of a thirsty traveller dying to quench his thirst and his prayer is answered:) How nice to be able to help oneself to some water without paying. I hope tho the temple gets some donations one way or another.