Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My World Tuesday - Singapore Election 2011

What's happening in Singapore today? It is the election fever. Once every five years, we get to choose our government. On 7th May, all adult Singaporeans get to go to the poll to cast our votes.

Last week, my siblings dragged me to the Rally to watch the opposition giving speech. I hated large crowds and I seldom like to be caught in such huge crowd. But last week, I decided to give it a try cause I have never attend a rally before...lol

The Rally will start at 7.30 pm but we were there by 6 pm to ensure we get seats in the stadium cause the rally will last for two and half hours and we dont want to stand in the field for so long.

Looked at the two guys (circled) carrying the a hammer, it is the symbol of the opposition that night giving the speech. It looked like they are attending a football match and people supporting their favourite team.

Some even came prepared, bringing food and mats as if they were having a picnic. I sported some carrying their own stools and chairs to the rally.

Soon the sky is getting dark and the crowd is getting bigger.

We were the lucky few thousands to get seats in the stadium, the rest stand in the field for two and half hours to watch the rally.

Wow I have never seen such huge crowd in this stadium before and I think it is about 30,000 people or more. The crowd spills out of the stadium too. It is strange the opposition always attract large crowd but in past records they dont win much seats.

My camera screen is too small to capture the whole scene.

At 10 pm, the rally ended and the crowd dispersed too. I am surprised that despite such a huge crowd, it is nice not to see a single fight or riots that night. No matter who we vote, we are all Singaporeans. Put on your thinking cap and decide who you want to be your government.

Should I vote for the ruling party to ensure a safe and secure country? Or should I vote for the opposition because of some unpopular policies? Or should I spoilt my vote cause the candidates in the either party looked like they are not made for politics.

I believe politicians are born and not made. This year spotted some very good candidates in both parties (the ruling party and opposition).

Frankly speaking, I am neutral and am still thinking hard about my vote...lol.

Just a short video showing the mood of the crowd that night.

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J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Rajesh said...

That is really massive gathering in one place.

Sylvia K said...

Very interesting post indeed, Alice! Thanks for sharing! What a massive gathering indeed! Hope you have a great week!


Ann said...

no need to vote, you know who won already

Alexander said...

Good coverage! That's a lot of people. :)

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XUE said...

Wow!...I am truly impressed by the turn out !