Friday, February 18, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Sentosa Flower Show Part 3 - Merlion

From mainland Singapore, we could see the Merlion standing tall in Sentosa. The merlion is the symbol for Singapore Tourism Board. It is half lion and half mermaid. That's how it got its name. You can view more about the Merlion from my earlier posts.

Closer view of the merlion. Take note of its mouth, there's people there. We can go into the merlion and use the lift to go up to the viewing deck i.e. its mouth. I had been in before but did not take any photos back then.

Being the year of the rabbit, there are a lot of decorations in the shape of the rabbit.

This rabbit is very huge and there are a lot of different flowers used to decorate it.

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Mableinsingapore said...

Wah Alice, you are early today in posting. Just to say Hi and that your Merlion photos are great. Seeing your photos of the floral rabbit made me feel that we cound have bumped into each other the day you took them. ;-)

Sylvia K said...

Another delightful visit to the Sentosa Flower Show and more gorgeous blue skies and colorful flowers! Love the sculptures, the Merlion -- now that's an interesting combination in one body! I love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Alice!


J Bar said...

How cool. More impressive than my rabbit lantern that I featured earlier this week.
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The Write Girl said...

The rabbit is beautiful and I loved the statue of the merlion. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful flower show and the loin.

alicesg said...

Hahaha Mable, you are right about the early part. Was rushing to post it so that I can watch local movie "Homegoing". It was so funny and I laughed so much. Yes, one day we might just bump into each other.

Slyvia, yes I too like the Merlion and the Rabbit.

Jim, I like your rabbit float too.

Girl, thanks for visiting my blog and I too like the merlion

Rajesh, thanks for sharing your trip in your blog too.

Ann said...

I went one Year. Beautiful flowers, but if only it wasn't so hot, I could have stayed the whole day.

Alexander said...

Oh that is very beautiful flower rabbit! Fantastic for the occasion! :D

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Anonymous said...

Nice rabbit and i haven't seen the Merlion yet.

Carola Bartz said...

I remember the Merlion from my visit back in 1983!