Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singapore River Hongbao 2011

Singapore River Hongbao is a yearly event to welcome the new Chinese New Year. Without fail, almost every year, hubby and me will visit the event. This year, we dont get to see many lanterns but the performance make up for it.

Ooooo, I wish I could have a gold coin as big as

I dont see the yearly horoscope anymore. What a disappointment!

A replica of the Goddess of Mercy Temple at waterloo street.

This year there are more than one million people who visit the event.


Alexander said...

Very nice and interesting! I didn't know we had a 500 dollar coin? Wish I was in Singapore. :)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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alicesg said...

Alex, I have no idea I think the $500 gold coin are limited edition and issued during special occasion such Chinese New Year, Anniversary, etc.