Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sentosa Flower Show Part 1

After walking over the Sentosa Boardwalk, we used our EZ link card (the card that we used to take bus or MRT Trains) and we just tag our cards on the gantry (gate) and walked into Sentosa. It costs us only S$1 for admission to Sentosa, would cost more if we used the monorail, bus, cable cars or drive in by cars. The walk from mainland Singapore to Sentosa is less than 10 minutes but of course would be longer if you linger around the boardwalk to take photos.

If you dont possess the EZ link card, you can always buy the tickets from the ticketing office near the gate located at the end of the boardwalk in Sentosa. You dont have to pay anything when returning from Sentosa to Singapore via any mode of transport or walking back via the boardwalk.

RW is the logo for Resort World in Sentosa. It was decorated with hundreds or thousands of flowers.

A very huge rabbit in front of Universal Studio Singapore to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

Merlion, the mascot for the Singapore Tourism Board. You can view my other postings of The Merlion .

Wow the resort world is really very spacious and huge. Very beautiful.

This the the Lake of Dreams. At night, the lake of dreams will come alive. It is actually some water dancing with some music in the background.

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