Monday, February 2, 2009

Singapore River Hongbao 2009 - Chinese Pavilion

More lighted displays at the Singapore River Hongbao 2009. Everyone wanted to take photos of these beautiful displays.

There are many birds in in this cage. You have to click the photo to enlarge it.
Cute mandarin ducks. They are all made of paper and lighted by bulbs inside them.

Just a short video to show you the crowds taking photos.


richies said...

What beautiful colors

An Arkie's Musings

Mable said...

Hi Alice, your lovely pictures make me wish that I had gone to the River Hongbao. Maybe next year. Check out my post on lavender flowers for you. Cheers!

the donG said...

it looks so real. a really beautiful event.

GMG said...

Hi Alice! Great pictures and an amazing video!
Also loved to learn on the Reri!!
Blogtrotter has a different post this week: no monuments... Hope you enjoy!
Have a great week!

Photo Cache said...

Very colorful and very festive. I think one must be in Singapore during the Chinese New Year to fully understand all the "energy" your pics show.