Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sentosa Flower Show at Palawan Beach Part 4 - Landscape

Continuing from yesterday's post on Sentosa Flower Show. Besides flowers and the recyle exhibition, there's a landscape show at Palawan Beach too.
This is supposed to be the shape of a turtle.

There are many plants in shape of animals here, like the beaver, penguin, etc.

These plants looked so cute and pretty, sorry dont know what plants are these. I have never see these before.
Please return tomorrow for skywatch, it comes with a video of the beach. :)


Sidney said...

Creative people at work !
That is a lovely park !

Squirrel said...

Thanks for these beautiful posts, Alice! said...

These are lovely Alice and especially when I am sitting in a cold wintry place...Michelle

alicesg said...

Thank you for the nice comments. I like them too and enjoyed my little trip in Sentosa, a little island on the west south of Singapore.

J.C. said...

If I am not mistaken, this is a type of cactus.

I like the close-up shot (Pix 3). They remind me of cabbages!

the donG said...

to the one who did the landscape, they deserve an applause!