Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toa Payoh Housing Estate

After a sumptous lunch at Toa Payoh, I took these photos of the housing estate from inside the

The apartment block on the left are about 10 years of age while the one on the right are more than 30 years of age.

Roads are kept clean by the Road Sweeper Truck.

This is malay wedding reception held at a housing apartment's void deck. You would like to read the information on what is a void deck by clicking on it.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent posts.. I like the use of these 'Void Decks' a meeting place as well as a home... great idea and kept so well.. we have a lot to learn over here.

the donG said...

looks like a nice clean place.

Kitem said...

I prefer the "old" thirty year old one to the new appartment block. Ha ha, nice place for a wedding reception.

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting post.

alicesg said...

Yes Kitem, I too prefer the older apartment block and they are cheaper too. The newer HDB blocks are so expensive. Although they are known to be HDB flats subsidised by the HDB, they are so pricey, you cant see any subsidised at all.