Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kreta Ayer Wet Market - Part 2

Hahaha...yesterday, many complimented that the market looked dry for a wet market. Here is another part of the market which is wet. The reason for being wet was mostly the fish stalls vendors washing the floors because of the fishes they sold. If they do not spray water, the floor would stink because of the scaling, cleaning of fishes they did for customers. The scaling and cleaning of fishes are free of charge for the customers. Now you know why it is known as wet market.

Customers buying fishes from a fish vendor.

Fishes and prawns are cheaper at this market than other wet markets around Singapore.

Best time to buy cheap fishes and prawns would be after 11.30 am. The market operates only half a day. Therefore the fish vendors are eager to get rid of their fishes at cheaper prices around that time before they call it a day at 1 pm.

More photos of fish stalls after skywatch friday.


monkey girl said...

I was going to say that was the driest wet market I'd ever seen. It's definitely the cleanest I've ever seen.

J.C. said...

I prefer buying fishes from a wet market as the fishmongers would usually offer to clean the internal organs and remove the scales for me.

Also like the more personal approach from the vendors. Usually when one becomes a regular customer, one can always ask for advice on what / how to cook, or pre-order certain items. We don't get such personal approach at supermarket.

Lara said...

it's the same everywhere, go there when they are about to close and you get some really nice prices!

Zoe said...

Our markets open for the whole day but normally after the noon time,few vendors are still there.

the donG said...

Best time to buy cheap fishes and prawns would be after 11.30 am. >>> thanks for the tip. the market still looks clean. who would not love to go there and buy sea foods!!!

alicesg said...

Thanks for the nice comments. The market had recently gone through a long period of renovation. I do hope the vendors would keep it as clean as it is now.

JC, our supermarkets had free service of scaling and cleaning of fishes too. But I too prefer the wet market cause the same fish vendors would still be at the same stalls unlike the high turnover of staffs in supermarkets.

Sometimes, I would choose the fishes, and walk to another stall to get other produces and come back to the fish stall to collect the scaled and clean fishes. This saves plenty of time. :)

Anonymous said...

I love fish, and of course, there's nothing like these markets for choice and freshness.


Gordon said...

The market does look nice and clean. It is good to be able to buy fresh fish.

zakscloset said...

great post!!! wow it's wet indeed!! and great insights about cheaper fish buys after 11:30!