Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chinatown shophouses

This is just one of the very old shophouses presevered. These buildings were built during the British rule, that is why you could see many buildings with Victorian architecture. For more information of chinatown and its buildings you can view them here.

By night, some of the streets in chinatown would become a food street.


Zoe said...

I know...crazy Chinese, crazy food.
But this building doesn't look very Chinese to me..

alicesg said... should read my post, they dont looked chinese because they were built during the British Rules. Thanks for dropping by. :)

edward said...

i am a sucker for this color of blue /turquoise/ whatever it is... and arches on windows too

this is very pretty architecture too, it is good to have a mix of architectures isn't it Alice?

alicesg said...

Yes, Edward. I love the beautiful designs too. I hope to take more photos of other buildings with nice designs but I am too engrossed shopping in Chinatown...hehehe.

Jilly said...

Beautiful. Love the window shapes and those gorgeous shutters.

zakscloset said...

what a lovely structure! i love those victorian windows. great shot!

the donG said...

wow! i love those windows!!!