Monday, October 5, 2015

Singapore River Safari Part 1 - Fishes

Recently, my son brought me to Singapore River Safari. Not a good time to visit cause of the haze blown over from Indonesia Fire Forest. But as we already bought the tickets online, decided to go ahead with the visit but did not choose to take the boat ride cause of the hazy condition.

Even the staff were wearing masks. Every where I looked is so blur and hazy but luckily most of the exhibits were indoor and were shaded from all the huge vast trees.

Many such riddles along the walk through the exhibits.

Enjoyed looking at all the different species of the fishes, looked out for more exhibits in Part 2 in next post.

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Alexander said...

Have never been to the river safari. However, it looks no different from an aquarium. What's the difference?

Have a good weekend!

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