Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My World Tuesday - Chinatown-Shopping at Kreta Ayer Market

Been a long time since I last visited Chinatown, Singapore. I decided to look around the shops in Kreta Ayer. Was surprised that shopping in here is really cheap, no need to bargain hard.

I got a pair of black walking shoes for only S$10, wow really so worth it. It was comfortable, I would go back there again and shop but gotta leave hubby at home hahaha cause he had no patience and keep hurried me with my shopping. I got a few other stuffs too.

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Rajesh said...

This sure looks nice shopping place.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

My husband does not like shopping either Alice, especially for clothes! Thankyou for your recent comment on Travel Tales, we have a daughter living in HK so have spent more time their than the average tourist. Worthwhile though as so much to see.

thomas said...

Wah!still can get cheap shoes in Singapore.
About the train ticket to
Ipoh,i haven't check yet as i am still in Labuan
but it look like it there will always be some seat awailable
from here
and pls call to enquire at the numbers below this page

Alice said...

Thank thomas for your help.