Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - Dragonfly Lake

The Dragonfly Lake is between Marina Bays Sands and the Supertrees in Gardens By The Bay. You dont have to pay any admission fee to enter the Dragonfly Lake. Be sure to catch dragonflies resting around the lakes.

Seems there's a stream coming down from the top, but I was dead tired to climb up to see what's up there. The garden is so huge, need to come here another time to explore more places in the garden.

Nice to have these huge stones as benches around the lakes.

Best to walk along the boardwalk around the lake in the evening where the weather is cooler.


Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

Hi Alice this is a wonderful park! Best of all it's free :D

I was there this March and was able to visit Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer and visited Orchard Road several times. Thank you for sharing your "world" to us.

I would love to get to know you more in the future by reading your posts. Would you like us to follow each other's blog?

Take care! :D

Alice said...

Hi Farida, this part of the garden is free admission but admission fees to the two domes in the garden are $20.