Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haw Par Villa - More Statues

The two brothers were really very rich businessmen to have so many statues in their park which they started in the lates thirties. I did not managed to take photos of all the statues, think might be more than a thousand statues in the park. This statue is that of a great learned man, Confucius. Confucius is traditionally credited with having authored or edited many of the Chinese classic texts including all of the Five Classics, but modern scholars are cautious of attributing specific assertions to Confucius himself. Aphorisms concerning his teachings were compiled in the Analects, but only many years after his death. You can read more about him from wikipedia. The living buddha or Ji Gong is well known for his wild and eccentric behavior while maintaining his compassionate nature, Ji Gong became a folk hero in China and was later deified in the Taoist community often invoked by oracles to assist in worldly affairs. Source (wikipediaThe three statue of Fu Lu Shou which I explained in earlier post.

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Great photos and an interesting post!Thank you for sharing!